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Support Policy

I am providing support under the following Terms and Conditions:

  • Free: When buying my products, you are paying for months of man hours prototyping, development time and battle-tested solutions with well-written documentation. I am providing Asset Support on top as a voluntary bonus, for free.
  • Fair Use: I do Asset Development in my spare time and try to help out as much as I can. The amount of support requested should not exceed the scope of reasonable levels.
  • Response Times: I aim to respond within 24 hours, except on weekends. As a general rule, please allow up to 3 days for a response.

Please see below on what is covered by customer support.


  • Answering questions or providing guides about how to use the asset
  • Updates to ensure ongoing compatibility with (non-beta) Unity versions
  • Technical questions about the asset’s built-in features and functionality
  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues
  • Discretionary version updates

Not included:

  • Game Engine Assistance: core engine features such as input, UI, Mecanim, NavMesh, lightmapping or render pipelines are not specific to my assets and well explained in official Unity tutorials.
  • Programming Assistance: I am always offering ideas & concepts or code snippets for a custom feature by request. However, I do not teach the basics of programming or provide finished code in all cases.
  • General Development Topics: general topics outside Unity such as Android build setup, ad networks, App Store submission, networking servers or integration of 3rd party assets are out of support.
  • Asset Conflict Resolution: all of my assets are in a separate namespace, but clashes between script class names might occur with the use of 3rd party assets that do not follow common coding standards.
  • Customization: requesting a change to the design, models or workflows which are not an included option or feature is a customization request and not part of customer support.
  • Other Client Work: all services to modify, extend or integrate the asset beyond its original features, style and functionality described on the store page. For adapting the asset to your specific requirements, we recommend contacting other developers i.e. on the Unity forums for paid customization services.

Examples of invalid support requests:

  • Can you replace the player model? (Game Engine Assistance, Customization)
  • How do I upload my app to the App Store? (General Development Topics)
  • How do I remove a UI button in your sample scene? (Game Engine Assistance)
  • I attached my script, can you make it work? (Programming Assistance)
  • I get an 'namespace already contains...' error (Asset Conflict Resolution)
  • We need [Feature] in our app only, could you add it for us? (Other Client Work)
  • Could you take a look at our project? (Other Client Work)