Simple IAP System  5.3
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 CCurrencyContainerDisplays currency value in a text component. Also updates this value in case it changed.
 CDBManagerStores IAP related data such as all purchases, selected items and ingame currency. Makes use of the JSON format and simple encryption. You should only modify below values once (if necessary at all), thus they aren't public.
 CDBManagerEditorCustom inspector for splineMove
 CDebugCallsSimple script that contains methods for testing purposes. You shouldn't implement this script in production versions
 CIAPCategoryIAP Settings editor group properties. Each group holds a list of IAPObject.
 CIAPContainerStretches a container rect transform to include all children. Also repositions children using the GridLayoutGroup, if found.
 CIAPCurrencyIAP currency, defined in the IAP Setting editor.
 CIAPListenerScript that listens to purchases and other IAP events: here we tell our app what to do when these events happen
 CIAPProductIAP object properties. This is a meta-class for an IAP item.
 CIAPRequirementIAP unlock requirement, matched with the database.
 CMiniJsonThis class encodes and decodes JSON strings. Spec. details, see
 COculusStoreRepresents the public interface of the underlying store system for the Oculus Store.
 CPlayFabManagerEmpty class and does nothing (when not using PlayFab). Only present to initialize Unity IAP correctly.
 CReceiptValidatorBase class for receipt verification implementations.
 CReceiptValidatorClientIAP receipt verification on the client (local, on the device) using Unity IAPs validator class. Only supported on purchase.
 CReceiptValidatorServerServer-side, remote receipt validation via Receipt Validator service ( Supports getting user inventory, validation on purchase and doing purchase restores.
 CShopItem2DShop item properties: stores all necessary variables for visualizing a product in the 2D shop UI.
 CSISPurchasingModuleCustom Unity IAP purchasing module for overwriting default store subsystems.
 CSteamStoreRepresents the public interface of the underlying store system for the Steam Store. Using Steam Inventory Services.
 CUIButtonRestoreSimple script to handle restoring purchases on platforms requiring it. Restoring purchases is a requirement by e.g. Apple and your app will be rejected if you do not provide it.
 CUISceneSwitcherSimple script to cycle through the scenes added to the build settings. Allows opening all of the asset's demo scenes without a separate menu.
 CUIShopFeedbackManages the display of various purchase windows. Presents UI feedback to the user for various purchase states, e.g. failed or successful purchases. Also handles showing a transaction confirmation popup where necessary, e.g. for PayPal transactions.
 CUIWindowConfirmDisplaying purchase confirmation for finishing transactions required on certain stores, e.g. when using PayPal store. Confirming payments is a manual action so this script should be somewhere in your shop UI. Otherwise user rewards could be lost.
 CUIWindowMessageMessage window for showing feedback on purchase events to the user. It is highly recommended to implement this so that users get feedback on the purchase workflow.
 CUIWindowPreviewPreview window for displaying child rewards of a bundled product containing several others.
 CUIWindowPurchasePurchase window asking the user to confirm their virtual purchase or spending virtual currency. Optional. Note that real money purchases do not need this, as they invoke their own native popup.