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The Overrides feature allows specifying configurations that differ from your default setup and only apply to a specific group of products. Overrides can be set for a whole Category or selected Products.

Billing ProviderThis allows specifying an independent, third-party billing provider when trying to purchase this product. If you would select PayPal here, this basically converts the category/product into an out-app purchase. This can be used for selling physical goods or donations.
Store MetaAvailable : When deploying to several App Stores, you may want to not offer a category/product for purchase on a specific store.
Store ID : It could be that you have different identifiers for the same product and you need a way to merge them.

Category Overrides

In the example below, a category is available on all stores, except Google Play.


Product Overrides

In the example below, a product uses the product ID small_coins on all stores, but the same product has a different product ID on Google Play and Steam.


In the example below, a product is offered on all stores to purchase via PayPal, except on Google Play where it is disabled.