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Requirements offer the option to specify additional criteria that need to be reached in order to unlock a specific product and make it available for purchase.


Unlocks define a set of Key-Value pairs in local PlayerData (DBManager.Set/AddPlayerData methods) that the user has to reach for the product to be unlocked for purchase. Where, and when to set PlayerData is up to you, for example when completing a game level.


Add Unlock RequirementAdds a new Key-Value pair.
KeyThe JSON-key for the entry in PlayerData.
ValueThe JSON-value that needs to be reached. This is an Integer value.
DescriptionOptional. A text that is assigned to the ShopItem's Locked Label Text for a brief explanation to the user.


Upgrades allow specifying a chain of products that need to be purchased in a defined order, for each to become available when the previous product has been purchased.


Next UpgradeSelect the product that supersedes the current one when purchased.

When using IAPContainer instantiation of categories into a shop, you should not instantiate a category that contains upgrade products besides the base product, since that would also make the upgrades available for purchase immediately. Instead, place the base product into your shop manually, or put all upgrade products into a separate category.