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Window Prefabs

The example scenes not only contain products, but some windows for extended functionality, too. Note that each of these windows can be customized, replaced by your own or removed completely.

UIShopFeedback : This prefab contains references to all windows listed below. As such, its only purpose is to manage and present feedback to the user in different scenarios. This acts as the main interface between user actions invoked by other scripts.



PurchasePresents a confirmation popup, to avoid purchases or spending virtual currency by mistake. This is optional but highly recommended, since virtual purchases do not have any other native confirmation popup.
LoadingDisplays a non-closable text telling that the native purchase dialog is loading. This window is closed automatically upon receiving either a successful or failed purchase event from the IAPManager.
MessageDisplays a feedback text in case a product has been bought, consumed or otherwise failed to process. You can also call UIShopFeedback.ShowMessage manually to show a message at any other time.
ConfirmTells that a purchase transaction is currently in process, with a close button to cancel it early. This is needed on payments happening outside the app, as with PayPal. The transaction is either refreshed automatically or by the user to verify its completion.
PreviewShows contents of a product bundle, i.e. if a product contains other products as rewards. This is enabled from the preview button of a ShopItem. Note that you should avoid adding consumable products to a bundle that can be restored, since users could try to get unlimited amounts for them.