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  • fixed WaypointManager not placing new waypoints or making them invisible. This required a workaround due to a Unity bug only fixed in 2022.2 and above
  • fixed WaypointManager not using the assigned view placement key


  • DOTween updated to 1.2.705
  • fixed NREs on event variables when instantiating movement scripts at runtime
  • changed asset root folder to long name, delete the old 'SWS' root folder when updating!
  • changed asset documentation moving everything from included PDF file to online documentation page on GitLab
  • changed namespace using directives for third-party packages to be included inside the SWS namespace, instead of outside. This should solve most clashes for assets not using namespaces
  • removed actions for PlayMaker
  • minimum required Unity version: 2020.3.0


  • changed events on waypoints: UnityEvents for all waypoints in the inspector are gone, as feedback told they were difficult to maintain. Instead, three UnityEvents were added: start, change (waypoint), end. You can also listen to these events via code on the corresponding Action. Be aware that when updating, your existing events need to be re-added. See the scripting documentation for more details and event descriptions.
  • changed NavMeshAgent stoppingDistance default to 0.5 if kept at zero
  • fixed splineMove not starting to play with DOTween AutoPlay set to none
  • fixed documentation links


  • DOTween updated to 1.2.420
  • added IsMoving() and IsPaused() convenience methods to movement scripts
  • fixed multiple events being called at once when startPoint > 0
  • fixed general Reverse behavior on non-pingpong paths using navMove
  • minimum required Unity version: 2018.4.0


  • added BezierPathManager method, converting waypoint index to path point
  • added CTRL+click de/selecting for moving multiple waypoints at once
  • fixed events not being called on reverse paths due to wrong index
  • fixed reversing on bezier paths by returning new path copy each time
  • minimum required Unity version: 2017.4.16


  • DOTween updated to 1.2.305
  • added missing startPoint indicator on navMove movement script
  • fixed startPoint indicator at wrong position if reverse is checked
  • fixed Pause() coroutine not getting cancelled on subsequent calls
  • fixed some warnings about invalid/already killed tweens


  • DOTween updated to 1.2.235
  • changed: local checkbox to dropdown, none/toPath/toObject. toPath is the same as enabling local in earlier versions. toObject can be used to let objects move on path formations from their local position
  • minimum required Unity version: 2017.3.0


  • DOTween updated to 1.2.135
  • added support for bezier paths on navMove component (only waypoints)
  • very minor code structure changes for better compatibility


  • DOTween updated to 1.1.710
  • removed defines for old Unity versions


  • DOTween updated to 1.1.640, fixing an issue with the first waypoint when creating paths very far away from the scene origin


  • added button to continue editing paths on the PathManager components
  • added dropdown for custom waypoint placement keys to WaypointManager
  • added red dot highlighting the starting point of movement scripts
  • changed modifier button structure on PathManager into drop down menu
  • changed WaypointManager path warnings into editor dialog popups
  • changed losing focus while editing paths will not destroy them anymore
  • fixed waypoint handles not showing due to incorrect event (Unity 5.6+)
  • fixed child ordering of newly inserted waypoints via PathManagers
  • fixed ordering of waypoints when inverting bezier path direction
  • DOTween updated to 1.1.595


  • fixed Reverse method not working in combination with changing speed
  • DOTween updated to 1.1.555
  • Unity 5.6 compatibility