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Frequently Asked Questions

How to read this documentation?
Topics are listed beginning with initial setup, how to get started and most common components. They get more and more complex over time, so if you are not looking for a specific topic, it is best to read them from top to bottom.
There are no scenes included in this asset / networking doesn't do anything.
Please follow the Install Instructions (see left sidebar). You will have to configure your project for networking first as described there.
I'm getting errors referencing the UnityIAPManager related to missing purchasing scripts on import.
Make sure you've correctly imported the latest version of Unity IAP via the Package Manager window.
I'm getting errors referencing non-existent variables in the SceneManagement namespace such as 'sceneLoaded' or other API errors.
The minimum required version is listed on the Unity Asset Store page. If you are still getting errors on that or higher Unity versions, please contact me with more details.
Players can't collide with each other. How do I enable it?
The collision between tanks is disabled on purpose. You can enable it in the [Physics Matrix](/assets/docs/unity/tanksmp/project-settings).
Can players find and connect to each other over local WIFI?
Yes, local Network Discovery (be it using Ethernet or WiFi) is supported when using Unity Netcode and with firewalls disabled. Photon would require hosting your own server in LAN on a desktop PC, therefore it is not the best choice in this regard.