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Install Instructions

This asset requires importing a networking package to function. You can choose between using Unity Netcode for GameObjects (formerly MLAPI) or Photon Networking (PUN2) as a multiplayer and matchmaking service. For a detailed comparison about features and pricing, please refer to the official pages for Unity Netcode or Photon.

When importing this asset, you will be prompted with a warning that your Package Manager dependencies could be changed. This is fine for new projects. If you are importing the asset into an existing project which already contains your own dependencies, you might want to skip them.


Network Selection

Unity Netcode

If you read this section, you've decided to go with Unity's game-object oriented networking service. Unity Netcode is available for download via the Package Manager, but the way is different depending on your Unity version.

  • Unity 2020.3: Window > Package Manager > + > Add package from git URL: com.unity.netcode.gameobjects
  • Any Unity version above: Window > Package Manager > + > Add package by name: com.unity.netcode.gameobjects


Photon PUN

If you read this section, you've decided to go with Photon for your networking provider. Open the Unity Asset Store and download either PUN 2 FREE or Photon PUN 2+.

If you have created an app for the Photon Cloud already, you will find your App ID on the Photon Cloud dashboard. After import, set up your App ID for the Photon services in the popup windows that shows up. If it doesn't, navigate to Window > Photon Unity Networking > PUN Wizard > Setup Project.


Network Setup

After importing the networking solution of your choice, it is time to set up Tanks Multiplayer to use it. Each networking solution comes with its own network components only available for that particular networking scenario. This means, you cannot easily switch later from one to another.

This package includes a separate unitypackage for each networking solution, with Scripts, Scenes and Prefabs configured. In order to import the networking package please navigate to Window > Tanks Multiplayer > Network Setup.


You can now play the game - open the Intro scene and press PLAY!