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Project Settings


When importing the asset into your project, it is shipped with the following Project Settings including layers already set up.

Player8Assigned to the user-controlled Player and Bot prefabs.
HUD9Player names, health and shield bars. Hidden in the Camera's culling mask on death and game over.
Bullet10Assigned to all Bullet prefabs.


Physics Collision Matrix

In the game scenes, different layers are used for the environment, scene and player objects. This is done so that our customized physics collision matrix ensures collisions between certain objects only occur where we want them to. To change the collision matrix, navigate to Edit > Project Settings > Physics.

DefaultStatic environment with colliders to create game world boundaries.
TransparentFXTeam spawn area boundaries, should not collide with anything.
Ignore RaycastCollectibles, should collide with players and collectible-zones.
UIAll visual game elements on the canvas, no collision.
PlayerCollides with environment, collectibles or bullets, not with other players.
HUDVisual player elements, hidden on player death, no collision.
BulletOnly collides with environment or players, not with other bullets.