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Unity Ads


Unity Ads integration is optional.

Instead of pushing users to in-app purchases, video ads (or ads in general) are a great alternative to monetize Free2Play games. Especially not being intrusive and limiting the ad amount per user session have been proved to maximize ad revenue.

How to enable Unity Ads is explained here.

If you have followed the official installation instructions and imported the Advertisement Legacy package in the Package Manager, add the UNITY_ADS define to Scripting Define Symbols under Edit > Project Settings > Player > Script Compilation to make use of the UnityAdsManager component.



In this asset, when a player dies a respawn counter gets displayed. If Unity Ads is enabled, we are replacing the respawn counter with a video ad once in every round. The percentual chance for showing a video ad increases on each player death, until one ad has been shown after a maximum of 6 attempts/deaths. See the UnityAdsManager component for detailed comments on the ad chance calculation. The scenario fully handles failed ad requests too.

To summarize, the video ad workflow on player death looks like this: