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  • added a lot more detail to the documentation with specific code samples on some network methods
  • changed asset documentation moving everything from included PDF file to online documentation page on GitLab
  • Netcode: added support for Unity Gaming Services: Relay and Lobby for online matchmaking
  • Netcode: fixed issue where when a client disconnects the host disconnected too
  • Netcode: fixed issue with NetworkManager not shutting down correctly, which resulted in subsequent matches not starting and synchronizing on clients
  • Netcode: fully replaced LAN NetworkDiscovery broadcasts with raw UdpClient
  • Netcode: moved from UnetTransport to UnityTransport. This required implementing Connection Approval for checking maxPlayers to prevent joining a full game
  • Unity Netcode compatibility updated to 1.2.0


The following bug fixes are all related to the Unity Netcode 1.1.0 update

  • Netcode: fixed NetworkManager inspector not showing own+inherited variables
  • Netcode: fixed synchronization of players due to missing ClientNetworkTransform
  • Netcode: fixed NullReferenceException when collecting powerups on clients
  • Netcode: fixed wrong turret rotation due to ClientNetworkTransform interpolation



  • Unity Netcode (formerly MLAPI) compatibility updated to 1.0.0pre5
  • Mirror compatibility updated to 57.0.0


  • added support for Unity MLAPI (0.1.0). The package is still experimental, expect some bugs until moving to a production release. For known issues or currently missing functionality see below
  • reworked network setup to include the full package of each network provider.
  • The base package does not contain scripts until you run the network setup
  • Photon compatibility updated to 2.34 (no changes)
  • Mirror compatibility updated to 42.2.12
  • The NetworkListServer was removed. An alternative to online matchmaking is now e.g. to use Epic Online Services and their lobbies
  • finally removed support for UNET
  • minimum Unity version: 2020.3.0

MLAPI Known Issues

Unity MLAPI is currently delivered as an experimental package by Unity. Because of that, integration specifics are very likely to change in Tanks Multiplayer as well. Therefore, MLAPI integration in Tanks Multiplayer is labeled as "beta". Using it in production is at your own risk.

While in beta, bugs are expected. Please report them in the support thread!

What does work:

  • All basic functionality like game modes, shooting, respawning, power ups
  • Local Area Network (LAN) play using network broadcasting and discovery
  • Offline game mode vs. bots

Known issues:

  • when hosting and playing multiple instances on the same device, closing a client will shut down the host too
  • Host Migration is not yet supported by MLAPI
  • Online Matchmaking (including Relays and NAT punch through) is not yet supported by the Unity Transport


  • Mirror compatibility updated to 36.1.0
  • Photon: fixed GameOver menu not showing up due to forced scene change
  • Photon: fixed error on disconnecting because loading next scene too early


  • Mirror compatibility updated to 30.4.2
  • Mirror: fixed deprecated NetworkMessage class
  • Mirror: fixed GameOver menu not showing up due to forced scene change
  • Mirror: fixed starting another game after quitting one previously
  • Mirror: fixed LAN NetworkDiscovery still broadcasting after finding a game
  • updated Photon PUN to 2.2.7 (no changes)


  • updated Mirror to 26.2.2


  • fixed manifest references to package which do not exist in all Unity versions
  • updated Mirror to 17.3.0, fully reworking ListServer functionality


  • added support for Mirror Networking, effectively replacing our UNET integration (UNET is still included as a package but does not receive further updates)
  • fixed bouncing projectile collisions by restructuring ray casting mechanism. High speed projectiles glitches could still occur but should be less obvious now


  • PUN2: updated for Photon Unity Networking v2.17+
  • removed Lightweight Render Pipeline dependency
  • minimum Unity version downported: 2018.4.0


  • fixed kill count not increasing when playing in offline mode vs bots


  • added optional area damage (maxTargets, explosionRange) to Bullet
  • added friendly fire checkbox option to the GameManager
  • added GameMode dropdown to matchmaking selection
  • added logic to load random map for specific game mode
  • added logic to grant points in consideration of game mode & score type
  • added Capture The Flag game mode (+new map: CTF_Game)
  • renamed Powerups to Collectibles to better describe their versatility
  • Collectibles can now be consumed or picked up, dropped and returned to their origin
  • added CollectibleTeam (for flags in CTF) and CollectibleZone class for team bases
  • Collectibles make use of a new network sync method: buffered RPCs (see documentation)
  • PUN: updated from PUN 1 (Classic) to PUN 2 (v2.9)
  • added Lightweight Render Pipeline (LWRP) dependency
  • minimum Unity version: 2019.1.0​


  • removed Everplay since Unity deprecated all of its services
  • killedBy variable restructure to avoid NRE in wrong network send order
  • minimum Unity version: 2017.3.0


  • added movement on Y axis: added tank gravity, new ramps at the map center
  • added individual (local) kills/death counter to the Game scene
  • added disconnect button to the Game scene for leaving the current match
  • changed bot AI to make more use of the entire map, not heading to the center
  • changed purchasing code to UNITY_PURCHASING define (was UNITY_ANALYTICS)
  • minimum Unity version: 5.6.0


  • added API compatibility for Unity 5.6
  • PUN: updated for Photon Unity Networking 1.81+
  • PUN: WebGL builds now make use of 'Best Region' setting too


  • PUN: fixed not connecting to 'Best Region' automatically
  • PUN: fixed missing Unity Ads namespace in GameManager
  • changed rate app url for iTunes and added a warning for default


  • added support for Photon Unity Networking (PUN)
  • minimum Unity version: 5.5.0


  • added menu item in settings for the desired network mode (online/LAN/offline)
  • added AI bots with player detection when playing in network mode 'offline'
  • added support for automatic LAN discovery, host & join in network mode 'LAN' (when playing in a LAN on desktop Windows/Mac the firewall needs to be disabled)
  • added aim indicator on mobile devices that better visualizes the turret direction
  • changed cursor in editor and standalone builds to a crosshair style cursor
  • fixed shooting imprecision on desktop when playing in a non-square aspect ratio
  • fixed turret jittering where server could overwrite local turret rotation


  • submitted using clean project to fix falsely detected activation of Unity services
  • added API compatibility for Unity 5.5


  • Initial Release