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Install Instructions

This asset requires importing a networking package to function. The supported networking package is Unity Netcode for GameObjects, laying the foundation for multiplayer and matchmaking service. For a detailed overview about features and pricing, please refer to the official page for Unity Netcode.

When importing this asset, you will be prompted with a warning that your Package Manager dependencies could be changed. This is fine for new projects. If you are importing the asset into an existing project which already contains your own dependencies, you might want to skip this and compare required packages manually.


Network Selection

Unity Netcode

Unity Netcode is available for download via the Package Manager, but the way is different depending on your Unity version.

  • Unity 2020.3: Window > Package Manager > + > Add package from git URL: com.unity.netcode.gameobjects
  • Any Unity version above: Download from the Unity Registry or via Window > Package Manager > + > Add package by name: com.unity.netcode.gameobjects


However, with Netcode for GameObjects alone, you will not be able to connect players - you need a transport package for that, namely Unity Transport.

  • Add package by name: com.unity.transport (version 2.x)

Now, players could be connected in a local network, but when trying it online you will face router / NAT / firewall issues. As a solution in online matchmaking, this asset implements Unity Relay and Lobby.


  • Do the same with Lobby
  • Under Config, adjust global settings such as the maximum player count



Alongside other package dependencies, you should now have the following packages in your project:


Network Setup

After importing the networking solution, it is time to set up Tower Defense Multiplayer to use it. Each networking solution comes with its own network components only available for that particular networking scenario. This means, you cannot easily switch later from one to another.

This package includes a separate unitypackage for each networking solution, with Scripts, Scenes and Prefabs configured. In order to import the networking package please navigate to Window > Tower Defense Multiplayer > Network Setup and click the image button.


You can now play the game - open the Intro scene and press PLAY!