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Project Settings


When importing the asset into your project, it is shipped with the following Project Settings including layers already set up. Some of the following layers are provided for convenience and not actually used anywhere.

Unit10Assigned to all enemies, set as LayerMask in WaveManager.
Tower11Assigned to all towers, set as LayerMask in TowerManager, used for selecting towers.
Defense12Assigned to all DefensePoints, set as LayerMask in DefensePointManager.
Grid13Assigned to all GridPlacements, set as LayerMask in GridManager, used for selecting grids.
Minimap14Assigned to all Icon meshes on Units, for rendering them in the Minimap.
Spawn15Assigned to all Player Spawn icons, for rendering them in the Minimap.


Physics Collision Matrix

In the game scenes, different layers are used for the environment, scene and player objects (see above). However, if you look at the Physics Collision Matrix by navigating to Edit > Project Settings > Physics, you will see that no physics collisions are used in this asset at all, except Raycasting! This is because we use distance checks instead of collisions, which can easily be jobified and spread across multiple CPU cores to save even more performance in the long run.


Package Dependencies

NameTechnicalUsed by
2D Spritecom.unity.2d.spriteUI, FX
Advertisement Ads Relay and Lobby
Burstcom.unity.burstNetcode, Jobs
Core RP Librarycom.unity.render-pipelines.coreRender Pipeline
In App Purchasingcom.unity.purchasing(Optional) IAPs Matchmaking
Mathematicscom.unity.mathematicsBurst, Netcode, Splines
Mono Cecilcom.unity.nuget.mono-cecilNetcode
Netcode for GameObjectscom.unity.netcode.gameobjects(Netcode) Networking
Newtonsoft Jsoncom.unity.nuget.newtonsoft-jsonIAP, Netcode Server Pings Player Connection
Searchercom.unity.searcherRender Pipeline
Services Services
Settings Managercom.unity.settings-managerSplines
Shader Graphcom.unity.shadergraphRender Pipeline, FX
Splinescom.unity.splinesUnit Movement
Unity Transportcom.unity.transportNetcode
Unity UIcom.unity.uguiUI
Universal RPcom.unity.render-pipelines.universalRender Pipeline