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The Receipt Validator platform is a cloud service providing server-side in-app purchase receipt validation. Integration in your apps is making them more secure against fraud attempts, fake receipts and tampering local user inventory.

Create Account

There is a free tier of the service with limited features. Check out all available plans on the pricing page or head to the registration page directly. All accounts start on the free plan automatically, with the option to upgrade selected apps to a higher plan later on.


Before accessing the dashboard, you need to verify your account by clicking on the registration link in the email we sent you.

Create App

An app is an endpoint for validating receipts associated to your account. You have the choice of using one cross-platform app for your application, or a separate app per platform.

For example, if you wish to provide users with a cross-platform login and purchase inventory (e.g. start on Android, purchase item on App Store, continue on Android), you would use one app for multiple platforms. If you would like to keep your users and platforms separate and have more control over individually upgrading app plans for them, you can also have one app for each platform.


Please note that this action is irreversible as apps cannot be transferred or merged later.

Add a new app on the Apps section, by clicking the Add App button.


Requesting a new app only requires entering an app name to identify it in your apps list. You will be able to change the app name and enter additional app-wide and platform-specific settings later.