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  • Backend: Reliable Webhooks have left beta and are now considered production ready!
    For more information on their retry delays, please see the webhook documentation.
    Please contact Support if you wish to upgrade your plan and make use of Reliable Webhooks


  • SDKs: our Receipt Validator SDK is now available for the Godot game engine!
  • Documentation: restructured API pages with SDKs and combined information about User Storage


  • Dashboard: free validation quota and paid validations are now visible on the app's details page
  • Dashboard: added profile Billing page displaying an overview for all existing app subscriptions
  • Dashboard: individual payment information per app has been moved to this profile Billing page
  • Dashboard: disabled Usage Behavior dropdown on FREE plan to make clear that this is a paid feature
  • Backend: all paid plans have now access to the same storage duration, the webhook feature and burst!
  • Backend: all paid plans have been converted to a fixed base subscription with usage-based billing
  • Backend: multiple app subscriptions are now billed as one combined subscription stating quantity
  • Backend: improved validation turnaround time against the Apple App Store
  • Backend: fixed validation response removing timestamp property since it should only be in webhooks
  • Backend: fixed validation response not generating a new UUID user Id if empty user Id was passed in
  • Documentation: updated the sections mentioning billing and added a usage-based billing example


  • Dashboard: changed App List drop down menu to buttons, same as on mobile devices
  • Dashboard: optimized mobile display of App List hiding less important columns
  • Backend: increased storage duration of Sandbox validations to 14 days, up from one
  • Backend: fixed bug in daily app statistics resetting when changing plans mid-month


  • Dashboard: added Timezone selection to Profile, converting displayed transaction dates
  • Dashboard: removed the "Next Reset Dates" table in Dashboard Overview
  • Backend: converted all individual payment and reset dates to be on the 1st day of each month
  • Backend: maintenance and minor optimizations such as faster daily chart updates


  • Dashboard: added display of total validation count per year (this & last year)
  • Dashboard: added Extended Analytics section for customers on the Enterprise plan offering statistics on IAP distribution across stores, products and countries. Please see the documentation for details.
  • Dashboard: updated Charts engine
  • Dashboard: changed display of buttons in App List when navigating on a mobile device
  • Backend: changed calculation of "Total Validations" count from subscription period to validations within the current month, making it more consistent with the daily validation chart
  • Documentation: added php example to the Features > Webhook section


The Receipt Validator is leaving beta! A big THANK YOU for using the Service during the past months!

  • Dashboard: added new Enterprise billing plan with shared quota and single invoice
  • Backend: added new Reliable Webhook feature with message retry mechanism
  • Backend: fixed issue with validation processing on plans going over quota (Burst)
  • Backend: fixed display of validation counts when plan reset date is on first day of the month


  • Dashboard: added API to automate adding new apps, introduced API Key in Profile tab
  • Dashboard: fixed billing page sometimes being unavailable after upgrading app plan
  • Backend: plans including Burst will not send an email anymore when exceeding its quota


  • Dashboard: added full receipt (incl. store and user property) to "View Raw" data in App > View Details > Transactions
  • Dashboard: fixed "Next Payment" displaying wrong amount in Asian currencies
  • Backend: fixed Apple sandbox receipts being sent to the production instead of Apple sandbox environment
  • Documentation: fixed Apple store setup incorrectly using SKU instead of bundle identifier


  • Public Beta Launch.