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  • Dashboard: changed App List drop down menu to buttons, same as on mobile devices
  • Dashboard: optimized mobile display of App List hiding less important columns
  • Backend: increased storage duration of Sandbox validations to 14 days, up from one
  • Backend: fixed bug in daily app statistics resetting when changing plans mid-month


  • Dashboard: added Timezone selection to Profile, converting displayed transaction dates
  • Dashboard: removed the "Next Reset Dates" table in Dashboard Overview
  • Backend: converted all individual payment and reset dates to be on the 1st day of each month
  • Backend: maintenance and minor optimizations such as faster daily chart updates


  • Dashboard: added display of total validation count per year (this & last year)
  • Dashboard: added Extended Analytics section for customers on the Enterprise plan offering statistics on IAP distribution across stores, products and countries. Please see the documentation for details.
  • Dashboard: updated Charts engine
  • Dashboard: changed display of buttons in App List when navigating on a mobile device
  • Backend: changed calculation of "Total Validations" count from subscription period to validations within the current month, making it more consistent with the daily validation chart
  • Documentation: added php example to the Technical > Webhook section


The Receipt Validator is leaving beta! A big THANK YOU for using the Service during the past months!

  • Dashboard: added new Enterprise billing plan with shared quota and single invoice
  • Backend: added new Reliable Webhook feature with message retry mechanism
  • Backend: fixed issue with validation processing on plans going over quota (Burst)
  • Backend: fixed display of validation counts when plan reset date is on first day of the month


  • Dashboard: added API to automate adding new apps, introduced API Key in Profile tab
  • Dashboard: fixed billing page sometimes being unavailable after upgrading app plan
  • Backend: plans including Burst will not send an email anymore when exceeding its quota


  • Dashboard: added full receipt (incl. store and user property) to "View Raw" data in App > View Details > Transactions
  • Dashboard: fixed "Next Payment" displaying wrong amount in Asian currencies
  • Backend: fixed Apple sandbox receipts being sent to the production instead of Apple sandbox environment
  • Documentation: fixed Apple store setup incorrectly using SKU instead of bundle identifier


  • Public Beta Launch.