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Plan Management


Billing is managed per app, letting you precisely control the required validation amount and access to more advanced features. The detailed subscription management section can be accessed by navigating to Apps > App Options > Billing.


The first section of the page displays your active subscription plan and additional information or controls to edit it.


PLANThe plan this app is currently subscribed to.
STATUSThe subscription status. Possible values are: active: your subscription will renew.
past_due: payment issue. You should have received a reminder email.
cancelled: you can still use your subscription until the ENDS AT date.
PAYMENT METHODA link to update your payment information (if subscribed).
NEXT PAYMENT / RESETThe next payment and/or date your validation quota will reset.
ENDS ATThe date your subscription will be converted to the FREE plan (if cancelled).
CANCELLATIONA link to cancel your subscription (if subscribed).


You may upgrade the subscription of an app at any time. Plan changes should go into effect immediately, but no later than 15 minutes of their occurence. Since the validation quota resets on a plan change, you will be billed the full amount of the subscription price. To be absolutely clear, this means that there is no billing proration mechanic. Upon changing plans, the new monthly reset date will be rescheduled based on the current date. Consider upgrading if you would like to:

  • reset your app's monthly validation quota
  • expand the validation quota due to a spike in receipts
  • make use of longer storage periods for transaction and user data
  • access more advanced features available in higher plans


Similar to upgrading, downgrading an app's subscription may take place at any time. As mentioned above, the new plan will be billed in full and goes into effect immediately. Consider downgrading if you would like to:

  • reset your app's monthly validation quota
  • decrease the validation quota due to smaller user base
  • minimize costs after a past global launch or in-app sale event


You may cancel a subscription on a self-service basis, right on your app's billing page. To prevent an additional billing cycle, the subscription should be cancelled at least 6 hours before it's next renewal date. A cancelled subscription is still active until its next reset date, at which point it will get converted to the FREE plan.


If you have been using features only available in paid plans, your app loses access to them on the date of expiration. This could result in lost purchase data for your users.

To avoid data loss (= unhappy users and bad reviews), plan for a data takeover and migration scenario when cancelling your subscription, e.g. by slowly downgrading your app's subscription over the span of several months, in order to give users enough time to persist their inventory data locally or in some other sort of storage system.


Refunds may be considered on a case-by-case basis, in the event of major operation outages or critical bugs, on either full or partial subscription prices or in the form of credits for future billing cycles.

For more information please refer to the Terms of Service.