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Plan Management


Billing is managed per app, letting you precisely control which app you are paying for. The app subscription section can be accessed by navigating to Apps > App Options > Billing.


The first section of the page displays information about your active subscription plan.


PLANThe plan this app is currently subscribed to.
STATUSThe subscription status. Possible values are:
active: your subscription will renew.
cancelled: you can still use your subscription until the next billing cycle.


You may upgrade the subscription of an app at any time. Plan changes usually go into effect immediately, but no later than 5 minutes of their occurence. When switching to a paid plan, your free validation quota fully resets. For example, if you upgrade on the 15th, you gain the new plan quota immediately. On the 1st day of the following month, the subscription renews. Consider upgrading if you would like to:

  • reset your app's free validation quota
  • expand the validation quota due to a spike in validations
  • make use of longer storage periods for transaction and user data
  • access more advanced features available in paid plans

If you are upgrading your first app, you will see a checkout screen to enter your payment details. For subsequent app upgrades, the subscription quantity will simply increase, without the need to enter any payment details again.

Usage Billing

With the purchase of a paid subscription, your app gains free validation quota which resets each month. After exceeding this quota, paid plans are subject to usage-based billing. Please refer to the pricing page for usage pricing. Users may have negotiated custom quota and pricing. A week after month's end, usage is calculated in steps of 100 validations. Usage cost of the past month is then added to next month's billing cycle (Net 30).

Example 1:

  • You have two paid apps on the STANDARD plan, none of them exceeded their free validation quota
  • When the billing cycle renews, you pay $10 -> 2x $5 subscription + $0 usage

Example 2:

  • You have two paid apps on the STANDARD plan, one of it exceeded its free validation quota by 110
  • When the billing cycle renews, you pay $10 -> 2x $5 subscription + $0 usage
  • The usage is added to the now active billing cycle, due next month
  • When the billing cycle renews, you pay $11.50 -> 2x $5 subscription + $1.50 usage ($0.75 per 100)

Us adding usage costs to the next billing cycle ensures that you have enough time to actually receive the payout balance you have earned on the respective platform, before you are getting billed for it.


You may cancel the subscription for a specific app on a self-service basis, right on your app's billing page. To prevent an additional billing cycle, the subscription should be cancelled at least 6 hours before month's end (UTC). A cancelled subscription is still active until the billing cycle ends, at which point it will get converted to the FREE plan.


If you have been using features only available in paid plans, your app loses access to them on the date of expiration. This could result in lost purchase data for your users.

To avoid data loss (= unhappy users and bad reviews), plan for a data takeover and migration scenario when cancelling a paid subscription, e.g. by allowing existing users to still access the service for a few months, in order to give them enough time to persist their inventory data locally or in some other sort of storage system.

Billing Overview

The billing overview is accessed by navigating to Billing in the Dashboard's sidebar.


This page shows a summary of how many free and paid apps have been added on your account, as well as more information about the current payment cycle.


PLANThe type of the plan.
APPSThe count of apps assigned to each plan.
STATUSThe subscription status. Possible values are:
active: your subscription will renew.
past_due: payment issue. You should have received a reminder email.
cancelled: you can still use your app subscriptions until the ENDS AT date.
ENDS ATFor a cancelled subscription, the date until paid features still can be used.
CANCELLATIONFor paid plans, a button to cancel the base subscription.

If you have one or more paid app subscriptions and cancel the base subscription on this page, all of them will get converted to the FREE plan on the next billing cycle. Use with caution.


Current Paid ValidationsYour validation count exceeding free quota, due with next month's billing cycle.
Next PaymentNext payment amount covering all app subscriptions. Usage is added one week after month's end.
Next Billing DateThe date your subscription cycle renews and any pending usage costs for the past month will be charged.
last subscription updateWhen the subscription was last updated or modified.


Refunds may be considered on a case-by-case basis, in the event of major operation outages or critical bugs, on either full or partial subscription prices or in the form of credits for future billing cycles.

For more information please refer to the Terms of Service.