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Apple App Store

Setup Instructions

Apple App Store integration requires data from your application in App Store Connect. If you are offering subscriptions, an integration with App Store Server Notifications, delivering updates about subscription states and expirations to the Receipt Validation backend in realtime, is required as well.

In the following screenshot, you can see the required fields we are going to fill out. Open your App Setup to get started.


Bundle ID

The Bundle ID is displayed when editing your application in App Store Connect.

  • Navigate to Apps > Your App > App Store tab > General - App Information
  • In the General Information section, copy the value displayed after your app name


Account ID

The Account ID consists of two parts, the Issuer Key and KID Key. You cannot find these fields within your app, but in the Users and Access area.

  • Navigate to the Users and Access area
  • Navigate to the Keys tab
  • In the App Store Connect API section, copy-paste the value for Issuer ID into the Issuer Key field
  • If there is no Issuer ID visible, you might have to add an user on the same page first


  • In the In-App Purchase section, add a new key
  • Copy-paste the value for KEY ID into the KID Key field


License Key

In the last step, we have just created a new key. Note that the key can only be downloaded once, so make sure to download and save it on a secure location.

  • Open the downloaded *.p8 key file
  • Copy-paste its full contents into the Secret Key field

To repeat, its full contents should go into that field, including the -----BEGIN... -----END... parts and all line breaks inbetween.

Server Notifications

Required when offering subscriptions. The Server URL is the same for Production and Sandbox.

  • Same as with the Bundle ID, navigate to Apps > Your App > App Store tab > General - App Information
  • In the App Store Server Notifications section, add the following URL for both environments


Replace {YourAppID} with the app ID value found on your Receipt Validator app page.