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Sandbox environment is detected automatically based on the returned validation data from the App Stores. There is no need or option to enable Sandbox mode in the dashboard directly. If Sandbox mode was detected, the sandbox flag in the validation response is set to true. If you are making use of server webhooks, you can check this flag to skip non-production validation results.

In order to use the Sandbox environment, please refer to the official instructions stated on the App Store documentation, i.e. being logged in with an test account on your device.


When using Sandbox, do not mix sandbox and production receipts on the same user ID, since the inventory does not persist.

Successful Sandbox transactions are displayed in the App View for you to verify.

Storage Duration

In Sandbox, regular storage durations of transactions and user inventory do not apply. Any data and user updates created in Sandbox expire after one hour, allowing for repeated testing sessions with isolated testing states in short time.

When testing subscriptions, keep the shorter storage duration in mind. Depending on your selected subscription renewal period, the testing state might reset in-between subscription cycles, if one hour has already passed.

Validation Quota

Receipt validations in the Sandbox environment do not count against your monthly validation quota.

However, when stress-testing Sandbox validations your account could be restricted for unusual activity. If you plan to send hundreds of Sandbox receipts within a short period of time, please contact Support.